If you are looking to expand your audience or build a strong essence in social media, we are your people.

What do we do?

We are a team that listens to its clients and moves along their goals We create and produce content for social media using our secret weapon: creativity. We believe that the best type of marketing is going viral.
Our purpose is to achieve the results very fast, come up with effective solution, maximize the performance of your platforms, improve the image of your brand and increase your sales.
We’ll do anything it takes to meet your targets

How we roll

Our work flow depends on how much you wish to be involved in the process, you can leave it all in our hands and we will do all the thinking. We believe in the power of great ideas, original content and maintaining an excellent relationship with our clients.
Growth is achieved by building a loyal audience, good quality content and great taste.


We are like the phoenix, reborn from the ashes in difficult times. We have two missions: to be leaders in our field, operating with a unique modality, adaptable to any client in any field in any country; and, to encourage young creative people by providing the opportunity to generate an income from the comfort of their home. We rely on the power of good ideas, our secret weapon for any endeavor. We have the formula for growth and our mission is to help your business to develop its greatest potential.


Build strong long-term relationships with our clients.
Maintain an excellent work environment, generating a creative and dynamic work space where our staff can be inspired and create content by giving their best.

Ok, let’s do this

Step 1

We want to know your aims and goals

Step 2

Having achieved a basic understanding of your brand based on our meetings and taking time we need, we will begin to develop a monthly plan which, based on our experience, will be adjust to your needs, generating the growth of the specific targeted audience.
This planning will be presented as follows:

Step 3

If you agree to the proposal, we will organize your weekly content as followed:

Step 4

We’ll be in charge of scripting, producing and editing your content, while monitoring your social media.

Our Team

Micky Cohen

CEO and hacker of virtual growth. Her success on social media and viral ideas caught the attention of some people. Micky started helping his friends grow on various platforms and realized that she had in his hands the magic formula of the internet algorithm, as a humorous Russian spy, she is free to listen and give a hand to whoever needs it.

Studies in communication and digital marketing.

Micky worked a year for a show production company as event coordinator, project manager and marketing director bringing hundreds of thousands of pounds in profit to the company. Including the planning of the Mexican Night sponsored by 1942 Tequila that brought in £ 100,000 in revenue that day, the highest nightly income of the year”

Micky Cohen is the definition of talent. She brings as much passion, dedication, and creativity to the brands she works with as she does to her personal brand which has reached millions of people. She’s thoughtful, down to earth, and always delivers. In a short period working together, she has helped me with ideation, Branding, script development, video editing, design, and production. I like to call her the human Swiss-army knife but she can literally do it all and will be a valuable resource to your business, brand, or personality ”\ BEN , CEO ( one of our clients)



"I started working with Micky earlier this year for my personal brand. She´s been an invaluable asset to my content team here in Los Angeles. Although she´s 6k miles away from the core team, she integrates perfectly as if the´s right next door. We´ve worked with her on script development, ideation, editing, and production. In all aspects, it´s a 10/10. When it comes to her ethic it´s 11/10. I´ve recommended her as a top provider and will continue to. Any business or brand that is lucky to have Micky will level their game exponentially."